Terms & Conditions

General conditions for Convey1.com Internet service.

1. General conditions apply to contracts for Convey1.com Internetservice. Agreement on service gives the customer the right to use the service with these general conditions and, where appropriate, special conditions and any additional terms and conditions applicable to such service. Services closer to the content specified in the prevailing description of each service. With “service” means service and, where appropriate supplementary service. “Client” means the natural or legal person who has entered into contracts for service with Convey1.com. With “Convey1.com” means the company responsible for the contract with the customer.

2. Customer data, utilization data with customer data refers to data about the service, such as name, address, telephone number, personal or corporate, and other information about the customer. With useful data means data relating to a particular service, such as time, scope and technical data. Data are processed to provide services, to fulfill an obligation under law or regulation, for file maintenance, as well as to market goods and services from Convey1.com. Customer data may be disclosed to another, unless the customer requests that it be protected. Customer who accepts customer information disclosed to another can request that such information not be disclosed for the purposes of direct marketing. In connection with the fulfillment of obligations under law or regulation, there is always entitled to disclose the customer and usage data.

3. Payment The customer is responsible for the use of the service and is required to pay fees for the connection (30%) and use (70%) thereof. Charges for each service set forth in the applicable price list. Service fees will apply after the Convey1.com announced customer confirmation of service and lasts until the end of the stub entire billing period. The billing of recurring charges made in advance for use of the service. Payment will be made against the card payments in third-party vendor that Convey1.com uses. Credit assessment of the customer can be carried out.

Payment Requirements: Customer pays 30% of the total amount calculated by Convey1.com. Once payment is received 30% starting work up to the service / services are ordered. When the service / services is demonstrated by Convey1.com server for the client paid the remaining amount is 70% of the remaining price that is set previously. The customer receives the service delivered after we received the full amount on our account.
If the client regrets his purchase during the work period so do not refund Convey1 the 30% paid at boot time.

Order of the service is done by the customer submitting the completed and signed order form. The order is binding.

4. Suspension If the customer violates the specified rules have Convey1.com right to close the service. Customer’s payment obligation remains until the contract expires at the billing period.

5. Assignment You may not assign this Agreement without the written consent of Convey1.com.
Convey1.com may transfer the contract or part thereof to the partners.

6. Termination The agreement is valid until further three months’ notice before binding deadline. The notice must be in writing to Convey1.com. Accrued charges are regulated in connection with the termination.

7. Force Majeure Convey1.com is not responsible for damage due to Swedish or foreign legal decrees, Swedish or foreign authorities, acts of war, strikes, blockades, boycotts, lockouts or other similar circumstances.

8. Limitation of Liability Convey1.com not responsible for the content of the information passing through the network and is liable for damage or loss in the event of delay, disruption, failure or improper supplied data or similar circumstances. Convey1.com is not liable for any authorized or unauthorized intrusion into the customer’s account or computer resource, and access to, destroy or distort information. Everything that is published or sent from the service, the subscriber is personally responsible for. Customer may not use the service in such a way that substantial detriment to Convey1.com or another. The customer must keep Convey1.com indemnified for claims made by third parties against Convey1.com because of the use of the service.

9. Change of terms and prices Convey1.com has the right to change these terms and conditions with three months’ notice. Service is provided in accordance with the applicable price list. Convey1.com has the right to change the fees one month’s notice. Changes will not cover already charged fees.

10. Disputes Any dispute in the interpretation or application of this Agreement shall be settled by a Swedish court in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes may also be examined by the Public Complaints Board, whose decision is a recommendation to the parties on how the dispute should be resolved. The Board does not dispute relating only basis for billing of services.

11. Deadline: Convey1.com requires the customer to reconnect no later than 12 hours after the request sent by telephone, email or SMS to Convey1.com to be able to keep the deadline warranty. If the client does not reconnect within 12 hours of sending a request to apply then guarantee that delivery time will be held.